packing list: palm springs

To celebrate our first anniversary Zach and I are headed out to the desert for a few days, Palm Springs to be exact. We're going back to where it all started for some much deserved rest and relaxation at The Parker. While it will be a nice 75 degrees, it's looking like it will be a cloudy few days so I'm planning on taking plenty of layers and a few versatile pieces that I can dress up for nights out and down for lounging around the grounds. And the most important part of it all, the bags! I'm prepping to take the holy trinity: my travel bag, my every day bag and a fun clutch for nights out.


  1. I always carry too much when I travel, it's such a problem for me, but this is a nice packing list!

  2. Keeping it to a small duffel is so hard! Thats why I take my Longchamp (you can fit at least 3 more outfits in it that the hubby doesn't have to know about :)). XO

  3. Sara MuellerNovember 20, 2013

    Before popping here, I had just finished placing an order for those boots. I can't wait to get them! And that sweater is so fun!

  4. Mine are scheduled to arrive today ;) I CAN'T wait!

  5. jess {creative index}November 21, 2013

    That marc jacobs bag is def going on my wishlist! ;)
    Hope you guys have a fantastic time!


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