our wedding: the parker

About a month into Zach and I dating, I jokingly told one of my best friends not only were Zach and I going to be married, but that it was going to happen at The Parker, in Palm Springs.  My naivety to budgets and my confidence in our love is somewhat entertaining to reminisce about now, but it confirms I knew what I wanted, which is a huge feat for an indecisive girl like me.

Freshly engaged, I emailed The Parker only to find that my dream was a little too lofty for the reality of my budget.  With The Parker out of the picture, we quickly began venue hunting but nothing we found felt quite right.

With the reality of the situation setting in, late one Friday afternoon, Zach, my Mom and I took a spontaneous drive out to the desert to visit The Parker for the first time.

From the moment we pulled up, the valet attendees in their pink pants, the vibrant lobby and hedge lined paths hinted it was perfect.  We found our way to the Croquet Lawn and it was instantly clear, this would be where we would get married!  I was busy taking photos of the scenery, already dreaming up the decor, when I turned around to consult the other decision makers, I found Z consoling my Mom, she was bawling, "It's perfect, it's perfect!"

And it was.

So much of a wedding is influenced by the location - the decor, the dress, the tone of the entire day.  I am so happy we took that spontaneous trip and gave The Parker one last chance.  In the end, we were married under an old olive tree, among the mountains where we first fell in love. Palm Springs has always held a special place in our hearts, but now we have even more reason to visit.

Next up: The Details
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*images via Jessica Kettle 

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