house envy: sydney home

Can we talk about the rugs in this beautiful Sydney home? Each floor more beautiful than the next, I'm singing my favorite tune!  But for real though, can you imagine traveling the world sourcing these beauties?  So incredibly jealous.

friday favorites

We're finally getting to the finish line in this current adventure and it feels good.  This weekend we'll relax and finally welcome spring.  Easter is always the sign of a new season, a new start and  I have one word for that - yeah!  

Here are my favorites for the week:
  1. Obsessing over this dreamy wall hanging.
  2. Salivating for this Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad with Garlicky Orange Tahini Dressing
  3. Neutrals done right.
  4. My favorite, green and white natural accents.
  5. YEAH.
Have an amazing weekend and enjoy Easter and all that it signifies!

wall worthy: powder blue

As I've been mentioning, I've discovered a newly found appreciation for color.  Verdict is still out if this sudden change is permanent, time will tell but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to put this appreciation to good use with a new take on an old feature.  Groupings inspired by color that live temporarily in my mind, permanently here on the blog and for some, temporarily amongst my walls.

Powder blue is undoubtedly here for Spring, it's everywhere, and it's everything. 

instagram idol: tori hendrix

You know those dreams of adventure you keep scribbled on a notepad somewhere that are stifled by real life?  You know, bills and social constructions of what you should be doing with your life? The adventures you may never get the chance to take?  Well Tori Hendrix, her husband and their little Lucca take them.  Adventures to Morocco, Marfa, the middle of no-where. They get lost. And I like it.  So much so, I find myself "liking" nearly every perfectly adventurous photo Tori Hendrix posts.  An Instagram feed to follow, if only just to dream about your own adventures.

currently coveting: summer sunnies

I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses for summer.  A pair that is equally chic and affordable.  That isn't too much to ask is it?  Well, after weeks of obsessing, here are my picks.  I'm thinking  these fit the bill for the perfect summer sunnies.

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