hermes j'aime mon carre

Not sure how I came across this gem, but I'm so glad I did.

Hermes has a website called J'aime Mon Carre, which translates to 'I Love My Scarf.'  The site features candid photos of girls from all over the world wearing their Hermes scarves as headbands, bandeaus, skirts and bags.  The imagery is too much.

And, to top it off, with each look comes a knotting card.  A little card that shows you just how to recreate the look yourself.

Time to dust off my pretty orange box and bring the scarf out!


  1. Gorgeous prints and luxe fabric!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Love it. I am thinking about making some pillows from a few old silk scarves with similar prints.

  3. i love the prints and colors... so beautiful no matter how you wear the scarves or where you wear them... love it!

  4. I posted about this, too! I LOVE. I want to be Ella :)
    She's too cute. Oh, to be french..
    xx fallon


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