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I can hardly believe it, tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary! We're going away next weekend to celebrate so we thought we'd keep it low key this weekend and would dedicate tomorrow to spending some much needed quality time together (and of course a nice dinner!).  It seems like the past year, the past month, the past week have flown by! I can't wait to enjoy a low key weekend and get ready for the next few exciting weeks ahead. Here are my favorites of the week:
  1. If I could only choose one Christmas decoration, this would be it this year
  2. Goat Cheese, Thyme Honey and Figs. Does one need anything else in life?
  3. A recent favorite from my Wall Worthy Board.
  4. Loving this Current Elliot Jacket.
  5. Bros before hoes Clothes over bros.
  6. Loving this dining table. Timeless and chic.
  7. Is it just me or are triangles the best angles?
Have an amazing weekend and stop by tomorrow to help me in re-living our big day!


  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary Brittany! Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Happy Anniversary. I was 8 months pregnant during our first one and moody as can be so the memories are not all that haha. I LOVE goat cheese with pretty much anything. Enjoy your weekend away :)

  3. Thank you! Very excited to spend some time with my hubby. Have an amazing weekend yourself! XO

  4. Thank you! I'm always moody, so at least you had an excuse! Have a great weekend, cheers! XO

  5. Megan bottiauxNovember 16, 2013

    Just came up on this gem of a blog.. And so happy I did, how cute are you and all your impactful items.. You're one cool chick if I do say so myself! Happy anniversary I hope it's spent well.. Ps beautiful pictures!

  6. So glad you stumbled up on it and thanks for the kind words! You're pretty rad yourself :)


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