currently coveting: essential update

You know when you get in a rut with your go-to essentials? I've been in one of those.  So now that we're on this side of my birthday and I have gift cards burning holes into my pockets, I've been on the hunt for a few new essentials.

Gold accessories, perfume, sunglasses and glosses are always on my radar, but there are a few pieces that really need replacing. If you're following my Instagram you're well aware that I finally received my Gold iPhone!  Since my last phone ended in pieces, I bought this Seeing Spots iPhone case from Anthropologie in preparation for Goldie's arrival and I love it!

I've been working out a lot more lately and am in dire need of a new pair of running shoes, so I just bought these colorful Nike Airs from Nordstrom.  I love that they're still neutral and unassuming for the gym (cause who wants to be noticed when you're wearing spandex and sweating) but still have a pop of color.

I've been a proud owner of this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag for 2 solid years and it's surprisingly still good as new, but I'm in need of a durable, camel counterpart.  I've pretty much wanted this Clare Viviere bag since its debut, so I'm thinking I might just take the plunge.

And the piece de resistance, how would fall be complete without a blinged out (christmas, but not christmas) sweater!


  1. marcelleblogOctober 17, 2013

    I love that iphone case. I always look forward to changing my case with the season.

  2. It's even better in person! I love changing mine, but this one will be around for a while :)


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