home sweet home

Well, its finally starting to look (and feel) like home!  All the boxes are unpacked, everything has been washed, wiped, steamed, mopped and fluffed.  The clothes are in their appropriate homes and the furniture has been placed.

It was a long 5 days, but we're finally to a breathing point.  The worst is over, all thats left is the fun stuff.  Shopping, decorating, cooking and entertaining.  

We enjoyed a fun night with my parents on Friday after all the heavy lifting was done.  We took wine to the roof, enjoyed the view and later made our way down the street and into the heart of Little Italy for an authentic Italian meal.  Butternut Squash Ravioli never tasted so good!  

 I wish I had more photos, but for now, you just get to look at our exhausted smiles.  I'll take more and post soon, promise.  

One more thing I feel I must say is THANK YOU to all of my readers.  You all have been absolutely amazing!  To wake up, still exhausted and sore from the day before to emails and comments from all of you wishing us luck and cheering us on has been such an unexpected surprise so, again, thank you!!!


  1. Enjoy!:D

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    & Life According to Marie.

  2. Congrats on getting settled, what a great feeling :)
    Adorable photo!

  3. Ok, why can't I look fabulous ( like you ) when I'm exhausted? What a lovely picture! xx

  4. Welcome to San Diego! I think we live really near each other as I have the same view! :)


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