marijah of holding court

One of the best parts of the blogging community are the friends you make.  It's like we are all pen pals, many of which have never met, but still, we know each other better than some of our closest friends.

We document our lives through this means of expression, and we all do it together.  We share the joys, the triumphs, as well as the sorrows.

Yesterday many of us discovered that dear Marijah from Holding Court was taken from us in a car accident over the weekend.  Her husband wrote a letter to all of us here.  Although Marijah and I had never met, we emailed and commented back and forth.  She sent me tips and encouragement as a new blogger and her heartfelt words have been with me ever since.

My prayers and thoughts are with her family at this devastating time.  I pray that they will find strength through the darkness and one day will find peace knowing how much their Marijah was loved.

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