friday favorites

Along with the favorites this Friday are some things I've discovered this week, and loved.

1. Obsessed with this color palette.
2. Probably gonna steal the 'polar bear' rug idea, and maybe even the ottoman posted here.
3. This affordable mirror might just go onto the wish list.
4. This print says it all.
5. FB status generator = brilliant.
6. Free lettuce wraps for America!

Enjoy a beautiful weekend!

*images via unknown, kimmyles, massimo vitali via destined to design, the glamouri, unknonw, verdisrisvie and the single bubble pop


  1. Pretyyyyyyyyyy sure we were separated at birth. All these images make it hard for me to breathe. Um, that river.. are you kidding! That exists?! Let's pack our bags and find it!!


  2. yes, we were. it's confirmed.

    and YES, the river exists. i think its somewhere in italy?

    i'll start packing ;)

  3. Oh wow, that river is real?!:D Wanna go!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  4. I love the river as well
    BUT really digging the mint green nail polish...


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