studio envy: naveya & sloane

Naveya & Sloane, a boutique jewelry brand from New Zealand, is not only a powerhouse fine jewelry brand, they are a brand who knows exactly what they stand for and every piece they make, every word they speak and every piece of this beautiful studio stands for their fresh and relaxed DNA. Each piece made by hand, this jewelry is the kind your wildest dreams are made of. The kind you only receive for life changing moments, the kind you'll pass along to your daughters and they'll pass along to theirs. It only makes sense it be crafted in an equally magical a space.  Built in a 100 year old building flooded with natural light, the space boasts an old soul with a healthy dose of new school elegance.  Altogether laid back, the space fits the brand that's set on changing up the fine jewelry category a little, with an approachable take on age-old craft. 

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