menu planning: convenience is key

I don't know about you but we're either really good about making dinners and eating in or we're really bad. It all depends on how busy our lives are and if we've made time to get to the store or not. One thing always remains true, we'd much rather eat at home. So, in an effort to start this week off on the right foot, I've been planning our menu for the week with convenience in mind.  Here are a few of our favorite quick and easy recipes.
  1. Savory Chili
  2. BBQ Cauliflower Salad
  3. Smashed Avocado on Toast
  4. Protein Packed Breakfast
  5. Mango Avocado Black Bean Salad
  6. Southwest Stuffed Spaghetti Squash (I add ground turkey for a bit of added protein)
  7. Brie Mushroom and Honey Quesadillas (legit the best cheat meal on the planet)
  8. Honey Glazed Crockpot Chicken Adobo

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