friday favorites

Thank god it's Friday. This week was perfect. Short, productive and now it's over. The best part? I don't have a plan in the world for the weekend. Well, besides a much needed Target trip but that's hardly a chore.
  1. Polar Vortex Shmoler Vortex. If you're reading this from the East Coast, I'd suggest you skip to number 2. But if you're reading this from the West Coast and enjoying the weather we've been spoiled with lately, I'm thinking a Pink Guava and Grapefruit Smash celebration is in order.
  2. Is it just me, or is this what you see when you look at your screen some days? 
  3. My computer, my iPad,my iPhone, my brain, they all have something in common.
  4. Olive oil, yogurt and lime cake. I'm thinking that would be diet approved, right?
Happy Friday!


  1. I hope you're having a great weekend and I love your picks.

  2. And avocado a day keeps wrinkles away. …Thats what I tell myself anyway :)


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