style: low-key date night

When it comes to a night out on the town, I'm all for it. But finding the right outfit always seems to be a hurdle. Sure, I can do dressy, but dressing down for a low-key night ahead can sometimes be a challenge.  My go-to's? A flowy blouse that's a bit dressed up without feeling stuffy paired with a nice pair of dark skinnies, it's the perfect base to be dressed up or down. Since we were headed out for a low-key night, I opted to keep it casual with my favorite booties and a matching clutch. But since it was date night, I threw on a simple statement necklace and opted for a bold lip because low-key doesn't mean boring.


  1. I love that statement necklace! I agree, it can be harder to dress down sometimes, but you look great :)

  2. I love your lipstick color! Do you mind sharing? I am a new stalker/follower. So exciting to find a new blog!!


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