house envy: lee mathews

Lee Mathews is a well known Australian fashion designer acclaimed for her relaxed and wearable pieces that won't go out with the season. With one quick look at her Sydney space, you can see she's adopted the same approach for her home.  A clean palate adorned with vintage rugs and antique finds, she's achieved an overall effortless vibe that's both stylish and classic.

PS. Am I the only one totally envious of her rug collection? I mean, come on!


  1. Dominique PaoliniNovember 18, 2013

    I'm always envious when people can make oodles of books look that chic. Do I just read not pretty books? Or do my bookshelves look better than I think?

  2. Europeans must just have prettier books than us cause no matter how hard I try, my bookshelves don't look that chic!

  3. These rugs are so gorgeous!

  4. Aren't they? I have a rug problem right now, so I can totally relate!


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