friday favorites

Is it just me or is time speeding by faster than ever?  Before you know it Christmas will be here! What are your plans for the weekend? Something exciting I hope! We're tying up loose ends from the move and are going to try our hand at having a garage sale which should be fun for this morning person (not!).  Here are my favorites of the week, enjoy!
  1. Loving this gold adorned vignette.
  2. I'm always game for a Maple Bar, so I'm excited to try these Maple Glazed Pumpkin Pecan Scones.
  3. Thinking of spiking some of this hot chocolate for our early morning garage sale.
  4. I love surrounding myself with positive affirmations.  This one just seemed so simple to pass up.
  5. After seeing this studio, I'm convinced you can make even the smallest spaces serene.


  1. I am loving it all and those scones look delicious. I bought a silicone scone pan a few months back and absolutely love it so maybe I will try some of these.

  2. jess {creative index}November 09, 2013

    I can't believe how fast the Holidays are approaching! The days just keep flying by!

    Have a great weekend! Have fun at your garage sale! ;)

  3. Be Brave is a life motto for me.

  4. Do it! There is nothing better than homemade scones!

  5. Garage sale was a HUGE success! Who would have thought!

  6. It's so simple, but so easy to forget! Thanks for stopping by!


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