friday favorites

I've been forcing fall around here for what seems like months, so now with Thanksgiving less than a week away, it finally feels like everything is falling into place (no pun intended). It's finally cooled down enough to layer on sweaters and scarves and it seems as though everyone is catching up with my holiday spirit. Zach and I are relaxing in Palm Springs celebrating our anniversary and I can't help but dream about Thanksgiving. Pumpkin spiked everything, bourbon cocktails and hopefully a new yummy appetizer or two to compliment our staple family recipes.

In the spirit of fall, here are my favorites of the week:
  1. Pumpkin Flan.
  2. Winter Spiced Old Fashioned.
  3. Beautiful assortment of cheese.
  4. So many great log DIY's out there, loving this one.
  5. Black Pepper and Lemon Asiago Dip.
Enjoy your weekend! 


  1. All of these look beautiful! Enjoy your time at Palm Springs!

  2. jess {creative index}November 24, 2013

    I wish I had a fireplace... Love that DIY!

    And that dip looks delish... totally pinning that!

  3. OMG I am TOTALLY going to make that. Dates are my husband's favorite but I've never had them prepared that way. Thank you Noor! XO

  4. Thank you! Just catching up now, it was so relaxing! XO

  5. Is it bad that I try food based on the photography? Ha! Looks so yummy!

  6. Oh if he liked dates I have tons of recipes just go here:

    But that recipe above I found in this appetizer book I bought I will email it to you now.


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