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I read this week that certain characteristics and emotions are linked to certain hues.  So, naturally I read on to learn more about the characteristics that define lovers of gold.  Here's what I now know.

If you love gold, you are a loving, giving person.  There is a warmth about you that never goes unnoticed. You're charismatic and help others feel instantly, overwhelmingly calm.  You feed off the energy that surfaces being around others.  Your attitude makes others want to be in your presence, as you are what they aspire to be.  Being around you fills others with a sense of confidence.  You're wise beyond your years.  Your knowledge may not always be a gift to you, but it serves as a gift to others.  You're aware of the difference between right and wrong and have a sophistication that seems to cause you to favor what's right.  You seek quality in all aspects of life and aspire to fill your life with luxury, luckily your successes enable you to do just that.

I am curious, what is your hue and have you ever looked into the characteristics that define it?

I'm a gold lover by heart, but apparently I'm also having a quick thing for pink.  Here are my favorite finds of the week:
  1. I'm convinced this antique persian hamedan rug just might be the most beautiful floor toupee, ever.
  2. Gourmet marshmallow madness, it's a thing.
  3. Definition: perfection.
  4. If you know me, you know, I have a serious Chipotle addiction.  If you know Chipotle, you know, the guac is extra.
  5. Nothing like strawberry jam with lavender and honey to support my nightly cheese ritual.
  6. Definition: Wall worthy.
  7. Salted Honey and Fig covered cheesecake.  Um, yes. Please.
  8. This is the end.
  9. An unexpected (and dare I define: chic) tic-tac-toe board a la the legendary Kelly Wearstler.
*color hue info via free people

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