august in review

August was a big month for us. We settled into a new city just long enough to learn we'll be moving again in the next few months! We enjoyed summer salads, yummy breakfasts, grilled cheeses, ice cream sandwiches, experimented with new cocktails and (finally) tried the ever popular cronut! We spent countless days lounging in pools and staring at clouds with our besties and family. We celebrated our 4 year (dating) anniversary (I didn't even forget our about it this year)! And we had to unexpectedly say goodbye to an incredible man, doctor and father who taught us how to live life to the absolute fullest.  

It was a month full of lazy days, quality time and a whole lot of change.  It was exciting, relaxing and devastating all at the same time.  In a word - exhausting.  It will be refreshing to transition into Fall and experience what September has in store for us! 

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