entertaining advice

In case you didn't see Tiffany Pratt's feature on Rue today, here it is, in all it's over-the-top, vibrant, gilded glory.

Within the feature, Tiffany shares her advice for throwing parties and entertaining:
  • Have more than you think you are going to need in every way
  • Be unexpected and playful in some way
  • Serve only things you love and would want to share
  • Host the party you would want to attend
  • Play great music
  • Think fancy yet accessible
  • Wear corsages
I am a huge believer in hosting the party you'd want to attend.  Whats your entertaining secret? 

*images and quote via rue mag


  1. I want to go to this party! It looks so fun and happy.
    I like the idea of wearing corsages, I haven't worn a corsage since my highschool prom!
    Entertainment secrets, I don't really have any big ones, just to have lively music, to go thru in your head before the party some interesting stories you can tell, to try to remember some good jokes and to set the table the night before.


  2. Loved this feature! she makes just living look like a party! Such a reminder to live every day to the fullest by surrounding yourself with happy design. So glad you're posting again! Love the blog!


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