eye candy

Hi ya'll.  Yes.  I am alive.
It's rather sad that I forgot I had a blog.  

Update on the homefront:  Z got a new job (3 for 3!) this means we're celebrating.  
Buying barstools & barbecue(s).  Eating a lot of barbeque while sitting on said barstools.

The house is coming together, but I'm refusing to take pictures in an effort to make people come see it themselves.  So far, that tactic isn't working.  

Pictures may be needed.

I miss you all!  Here's to my effort to blog more.  Follow more.  And most importantly, get inspired more.  

PS. Z turns the big 3-0 in a little over a week!  Kind of excited.

*images via pinterest


  1. We keep wanting to come visit you, but you keep telling me you are coming up to see us!

    After you come up to celebrate your birthday-s, we will come visit you.

    I promise!

    Love the pink door by the way....and are those white chippendales in the second image?!?


  2. I do believe that there's a certain female turning 25 a few days after Z turns 30. I won't mention any names but you know who you are.



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