it's a hard knock life

Well it sure is, isn't it.  Life's rough.  Work's rough.  Therefore no blogging for me.

We had a great weekend spending time with family and enjoying the good ol' thangs but now here we are immersed into another work week.  Is it me or does it seem as though this is already the longest week in eternity?

Thought I should check in, share a pretty picture, assure everyone I'm still alive and let ya'll know what's going on in our neck of the woods.

1st off - I'm not eating cheese.  This is probably enough reason for me to not over exert myself or blog for the entire month of March.

...Not sure if I've shared this with blogland yet, but I challenged Z to make a list of 30 things he wants to accomplish before he turns 30 (in October), which turned into a counter-challenge of 25 things I want to accomplish before I turn 25 (also in October).  A few late, wine induced, Oprah filled nights later I found myself thinking it would be a good idea to go Vegan for a month.  Well, now it's an item on my list and I'm 8 days strong without cheese.  Weird enough I don't miss it, but, I can confirm, I still am not myself.  I'm going through withdrawls.

2nd - I have a few new followers, which to most blogs means - well, not much; but for FTLOG, it's monumental!  My Momma even emailed me to let me know.  So, new followers, please let it be known that I typically do not neglect my readers, it's due to extreme circumstances (overworking & the severe lack of cheese) that I half-heartedly ignore this here blog.

So - thats whats up in our world.  Working, a lot of working.  And when we're not working, we're reading books, eating Soyrizo, exercising, planning trips and checking off various other items off of our lists.

Love and miss you all.

*image via madebygirl


  1. Hi there For the Love of Gold, just thought I'd say hi as I am one of your new followers and thought I'd let you know I absolutely love your blog! p.s and I feel your pain about this week draaaaaagging on and on... just give me the weekend already and I'll be one happy gal :) xx

  2. Just thought I'd let you know that I tried the vegan experiment for a month last April, and I'm still going strong!!! I'm still totally amazed at how much I don't miss dairy!!! So hang in there, you'll be back to yourself before you know it, and probably even better!


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