oklahoma + what might be my favorite space ever

Loving everything about this rustic space.  We're busy around here working, packing, cleaning, laundering and preparing for the long weekend in Oklahoma.  "Oooookkkllaaahoommaaaaaa where the....."

Okay, okay, I'll spare the singing.  It's not vey grand without the accompanying dance any-whoo.  See you next week!

*images via a site i have failed to recall.  let me know if you have the source.  


  1. Not sure of the source but the designer is Marie Olsson Nylander :)

    And I agree - that house is brilliant. One of my all time favourites.

  2. The images are all soooo nice! I think the are from the Swedish magazine Sk├Âna Hem:) (www.skonahem.com)

    Best regards

  3. I love those chairs in the second picture. I havnt seen them before. Love love love!


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