travel: adventures on ivy hill farm

Well, the blogging hiatus is over and I'm proud to report our trip to OK went off without a hitch!

We were able to spend Friday with Zach's Baba and Bopie touring Enid, OK (about a 2 hr. drive from the farm).  It was a wonderful day and so nice to finally see all of the places and to meet all of the people that Zach remembers spending so much of his childhood with.

Saturday and Sunday were spent on the legendary Ivy Hill Farm.  Enjoying my new llama friends (they're a curious bunch of gals), tending to the beehive (bringing home our own loot of honey), bonding with the dogs and falling in love with a few favorites (Allie Girl, Lucky and Sammy); we toured the farm, enjoyed good food and bonded with great company.

All in all it was an amazing little weekend adventure and I now have even more insight into all the things that make Zach, Zach (like this, this, and especially this).  It was a great weekend and so great to see Zach in his element, perfectly content, and finally at home.


  1. WOW!!!! It looks like you had a really great time at Ivy Hill exploring new things. Do lamas really spit at people??


  2. beautiful photos! looks so fun :)
    (also i love your sunglasses)

  3. i love the dog picture! it looks like something out of an old hunting masterpiece!



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