birkin birkin

I know we've talked about my inexplainable, inexcusable obsession with unobtainable bags in the past, but let it be said that no girl could turn down a Birkin.

My most lofty daydream consists of slyly including a Birkin onto a potential Wedding registry, throwing all regards for public perception to the wind and miraculously receiving a unique bag from everyone in attendance, therefore overwhelmingly exceeding all expectations for the happiest day of my life.  But, lets be honest.  And frank.  This will never happen.

As a quick side note, is it weird that I also re-live this fantasy daily when thinking about the Hermes Avalon throw?

Okay, don't answer that.  Just buy me both - at my Wedding.

But, with all of that dream talk behind us, lets talk about this.  The Thursday Friday Together Bag.  A textured, scaled, 5-sided replica of the real thing printed on a re-usable canvas tote.  Let's just say that grocery shopping will be an event.

I need to have one.

*image via thursday friday 

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  1. these are incredible!
    and keep on daydreaming, you never know what can happen ;)


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