holy shiitake mushrooms

So, if you haven't noticed, my new blog strategy is to post mind blowing spaces, revelations and overly exciting stories.  
I figure if I no longer can guarantee posting on a regular basis, then the posts I do produce better be pretty awe inspiring and downright amazing.

The 755 sqft. space of designer Sara Tuttle does not fail to deliver.  I'm literally speechless.  Mesmerized.  Obsessed.  

All of the above only adds to my excitement for Sarah as her space is getting shout outs from multiple blogs lately.  I'll be diving very deep into her portfolio tonight.  Expect more from this lady.  

*images via Sara Tuttle


  1. I just ran into this same space somewhere else! Right tho! Amazing!!

  2. Absolutely perfect- totally digging everything about it!

  3. Wow,,beautiful pictures:)


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