a tale of k. wearstler, arrogance and coors light

As far as I am concerned, Kelly Wearstler can do no wrong. 

Additionally, as far as I am concerned, a couple Bengal Bazaar pillows and maybe one Katana would finish my house perfectly. As far as everyone in my life is concerned, I am crazy for lusting after such beautiful extravagances.

I may be crazy, but I have crazy good taste.  What is it they say?  Champagne taste on a beer budget?  

In my case, Cristal on a Coors budget.  Sue me.  


  1. Оригинальный текстиль

  2. That fabric is FABULOUS!! I'm lusting over it too...

  3. if you are interested i have a ton of left over bengal bazaar that i was going to put up on ebay for super cheap. i just cant let it go to waste. let me know alexandrasberlin@gmail.com

  4. I'm on the same page with ya!

  5. i agree. thankfully i work at schumacher and we have a kelly wearstler collection that i get to drool over every day!



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