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Rue Magazine.  What did you think?  Like, love?  The Lonny of the Future?

From my readings, it looks like we really are doing the Team Lonny vs. Team Rue.   So, readers, what team are you on?

In other news my dear friends, today is a happy happy day - I've reached 100 followers!  

How and when this happend is beyond me!  I feel like I've neglected the bloggosphere since starting my new job, yet I so wish I could personally comment, thank and befriend every single one of you!  

'Normal' blogging should resume soon.  As soon as I change my sleeping habits, eating habits, and living habits to accomodate 12 hour work days!  So, until then....we'll see how the blog evolves to suit this new lifestyle.

*Note: Follower 100 is my Grandma, who you will see often comments and just so happens to read FTLOG daily, but just realized she never was a follower!  Side note: My other Nana reads daily too.  Back to the Note, Note: Follower 100 Grandma texted me to let me know all of this.  GRANDMAS OF THE FUTURE!!!  They are so cool.  


  1. Miss Britt, Not only are you an unbelievable grand-daughter but an unbelievable person as well. I'm am NOT prejudice, just stating a FACT that is daily confirmed by all my friends. You are sooo loved.


  2. The bedding in the 4th picture is sooo gorgeous!! Oh, and congrats on 100 followers... you go girl!!

  3. yay 100 followers and Grandma's! So cute :) (and you TOTALLY deserve all of 'em and more!)

    I like both Lonny and Rue, so I'm not picking haha.. (PS, Crystal from Plush just announced she's moving to SF to be closer to Anne from City Sage!)

    Hope the new jobby job is going great!


  4. omg i love grandma doesnt know what a blog is. my sister was my 100th...happy 100th! :) family rules.


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