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We've been playing with the idea of a home office since before we ever moved.  By home office, I mean a small desk in the middle of our living area, bedroom or closet.  We don't have much room, but feel that not having a home for our computers in the year 2010 is just plain weird.

We've looked at large desks, small desks, hidden desks, out-of-our-league desks and a ton of just-plain-ugly desks.  Then we decided maybe we don't (really) need a desk.

But now, we've found a perfect spot for one and (finally) deemed having a tangible workspace a necessity.  Zach has been secretly wishing for a space to edit all of his video from his trip around the world, and I'd love an official spot to blog, write and pay the bills.

We've been leaning towards the much-overrated West Elm parsons, but now the larger one just seems too big and the small is just too small.  So, I ask you, my blogger friends, deal experts, and designers; where can I find a reasonable desk that isn't a 4 feet deep command center?  I know they're out there... 

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  1. I dunno anyyyyy of your space requirements.. but I will mention that sharing one desk spot is no bueno. If you can find a console table (and this would fit the biggish-but-not-too-big request) then you might be able to fit two 'areas' on it, like he can have one end, and then you can have the other end.. it'd be tight if you were both there at the same time, but if it's not a heavy duty use sorta desk, then that might just work.. (perhaps a pair of x-base otto's for seats?? might be too short though..)

    And you are mighty fine at craigslist-ing and finding gems at thrift stores m'dear :)



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