So thats the look I'm going for - The 'Non Office' office.

Thanks Bryn Alexandra for this post!

Also, is anyone else having issues with blogger this week?  It seems like every day is a new issue...what gives?


  1. Yes, Blogger is being spazzy! Have you switched to the new Beta version? It's much better, though still kinda wish I'd started my blog on Wordpress originally. :/

  2. such a beautiful office space. :) and yup, i've lost quite a few comments last week because of blogger going crazy, but hopefully all is well now. :)

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    <3, Mimi

  3. The non office, office...the ultimate office..and the way we love nowadays demands our rooms do double duty...my office needs to be conducive to work but it also has to be inviting to sit think, read, and be creative...Love this image.

  4. Dreamy!:D

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