pin it forward: what home means to me

Organized by Victoria at sfgirlbybay and in collaboration with Pinterest, a bunch of us were asked - What does home mean to you?  You can visit my inspiration board(s) here.  I truly hope that you will enjoy this post and that you too will share with me, what home means to you!
What home means to me...

It's a place where you're with the ones you love, 
surrounded by the comforts you've created.

It is a place of controlled chaos, rustic simplicity, simple glamour and 
calming color. Peppered with masculine and feminine touches and (of course) plenty of gold.   

It's where there will always be laundry, always be something to do, 
yet you can always feel like a princess.

It's where there is breakfast every weekend, 
drinks on occasion and pool days on Sundays.

To me, home is an ever changing perception, ultimately, it's a place
 I've both come from and a place I'm creating. 

If you'd like an invite to Pinterest, become a follower of For The Love of Gold (invites are limited)!  It has been such a great resource and such a fun tool.  A special thank you to sfgirlbybay for the opportunity to participate!  

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  1. I love this! It's so fun to see all the different ways we define home...

    You said it perfectly!! "To me, home is an ever changing perception, ultimately, it's a place
    I've both come from and a place I'm creating."


  2. Lovely! It's so true - I think the mention of the laundry shows that despite all of our best intentions to be design-y and beautiful all the time, real life trickles in...

  3. 'A place of controlled chaos' that sounds just like my home too! :)

  4. i love this post, and the idea of controlled chaos! i am always striving for that myself! thanks so much for contributing!

  5. you said everything soo perfectly! love the idea of being a princess at home, i feel the same way! ;)

  6. beautifully curated and written. thanks for sharing with us.

  7. I love that you acknowledge the fact there is ALWAYS laundry to do! And that you can feel like a princess. xo


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