oh hey, louis

...because nothing screams 'I have more money than I know what to do with' than decorating with thousand dollar bags.  Its in your face, its too much and I love it. 

Happy Thursday my dear readers!  Please, oh please be sure to enter the giveaway!  I want to meet all of you who hide in the shadows!  I've been checking out all of the blogs of those who have entered and they have been so great!

*images via flourish design and lonny, all others are unknown


  1. I'd looove to have a vintage louis suitcase (or two) to decorate with! xx

  2. Oh my.. that's my entry! I love this post :) ( Is that terrible of me? ) Now I just need 6 or 7 more bags to replicate that first image ;) xx

  3. Loving that zebra room!


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