friday favorites

Could it be?  It's Friday?  Time for late breakfasts, selling furniture, buying loads of fun stuff for the new place and starting to pack!  Hopefully we can fit in a walk at the park or a day at the beach somewhere in there too.

I can't wait to choose a winner for the giveaway on Sunday night either!  Please be sure to get in your entries and I'll be announcing the winner Monday morning!

*images via table tonic, the glamouri, cupcakes and cashmere and bryn alexandra


  1. That wallpaper is crazy cool! Have a lovely weekend.. and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a win :) xx

  2. Hi Brittany
    Just hopped over to your blog+fell in love! Can't get enough of the wallpaper in that first image:) Thanks for following, we'll add you to our blogroll:)

  3. The wallpaper is quite busy, but I'm completely charmed somehow~


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