Quite a relaxing weekend for us. We did a lot of eating and a lot of lounging.

On Friday night, Zach surprised me with tickets to the Padres game. All You Can Eat Seats. No explanation needed.

I had a long overdue hair appt. on Saturday. My locks and I are finally, righteously back to normal. Trimmed and pretty.

Sunday was a marathon of awesomeness.

We watched movies, ate a huge breakfast and in the afternoon, I was shocked to walk in to the house only to witness my health conscious, salad eating boyfriend enjoying a family sized bag of Doritos, drinking a 40, and watching Antique Roadshow. Awesome.

Even more exciting, my ever adventurous boyfriend showcased a beard, a goatee, a creepy stash and facial hair! I'm still getting used to my 'new' boyfriend, but he's pretty cute.

All in all, success. Beautiful, relaxing, fat, success. So, while I try to metabolize the 30,000 calories I consumed this weekend, take a look at these lovely images.

Happy Monday!!!

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