I've been showing Zach a lot of lucite furniture these days.  He pretty much just looks at me like I'm new to this planet and fear fills his eyes.  I'm obsessed, what can I say?  A chair, a table, a trunk?  A little lucite couldn't hurt right?  So, Zach, my love, look at how beautiful it could be.  Hows this for inspiration?


*Update: I just showed Zach this post.  He agrees with all the aforementioned.  He's seen all the evidence.  He's standing his ground.

**Update 2:  "Everything is negotiable." - Zach 

*images from everythingfab, materialgirlsblog, the way we are, lonny and tabletonic


  1. I love the lucite for shoe storage! Gorgeous!

  2. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    Love the lucite table! xo

  3. Aw, come on Zach ;)
    I love the first image, it's one of my favorite House & Home features! xx

  4. Love lucite! And I love the ghost chair. I've been thinking of adding a piece lately. Glad to see Zach's starting to cave :)

  5. I DIE for lucite. So hard to come by here in Australia... Fab post!! xLouise


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