friday favorites + sex and the city, brittany thomas style


I know most of us have already checked out for the long weekend, but it wouldn't be a Friday without the favorites!  Hope everyone enjoys a relaxing (and fun!) weekend.  

And for your entertainment pleasure -  The Brittany Thomas official SATC2 Synopsis 

A friend and I saw Sex and the City 2 last night.  One word - amazing.  Not so much the movie as much as the experience.  Comical really.  I'm going to have romper nightmares for years.  Night terrors of zebra-clad-middle-aged-women wearing leggings in the absence of pants for months.  It was natural selection and let me tell you, the bitches won.  While enjoying my 3rd row seat, I did however thoroughly enjoy Liza Minnelli's take on All The Single Ladies and Samantha's constant puns. Completely inappropriate, yet more than mildly entertaining.  And while I was constantly masking the oohs and ahhs of the theater with my laughter, and while we were undoubtedly the first ones out of the theater, how can you not love the girls!!!  Overall, I say its worth the twelve bucks.  Anyone else see it?   

*friday favorites images from Sea of Shoes, Made By Girl, Belle Maison 23, Design Sponge, From the Right Bank and Bella Mumma


  1. Have a good weekend girly! I always love your faves, probably because we have THE SAME taste! I can't wait to see SATC2!!


  2. As always, adore the gorgeous photos you picked for this post. I love modern abstract prints!
    Happy to hear you were entertained by the movie. I need to see it!


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