9 by f'n design

Best show since Kell on Earth! For real.
Don't get me wrong, the Real Housewives of New Jersey
season premiere blew me away, but they have nothing on 9 by Design.

I mean, wouldn't it be amazing to parent seven children
(all of which look like J.Crew models), buy, gut and
beautify houses for a living?
And despite all the chaos, they're so calm!

So entertaining! So fun to watch.

*pictures by Jill Slater via Made By Girl


  1. Man I love your blog. I can't get this show in Canada :(. I've loved the novogratz family for years. Thanks for sharing... and stop by Moth Design. I'm hosting my first giveaway. xo


  2. Oooh I saw a preview for this show and it looked really entertaining. I will have to tune in some night. And, THANK YOU for reminding me that Kelly Cutrone has a show! I need to see it. I read her book and loved it.


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