I am a terrible secret keeper

I am a terrible secret keeper.

I think this is mostly due to the fact that I loathe when people keep secrets from me. Secrets that don't pertain to me, or those that won't affect me are fine, but I loathe, LOATHE when I know there is a secret and I know that it is being kept from me.

It's just not a secret anymore if I know there is a secret. It's not a surprise anymore if I know there is a surprise. Catch my drift?

Countless surprises have been ruined due to this simple fact. Boyfriends from days past, and my Mother can attest to this. I am just not fun when I have to anticipate something, it must be the brat in me.

Well let me tell you, karma is a b****.

Zach decided, this past weekend to start _____________.

It is his new obsession. He is buying _____________ and going _____________ and watching _____________ and researching _____________.

Today after work he will _____________. Tonight we will talk about _____________.

Zach loves _____________!!!

When he told me, there was a precursor, I'M NOT ALLOWED TO TELL ANYONE (not even on the blog, 'he said').

So bloggosphere, friends, family, and Zach, I now have to keep a secret. Oh, the things you'll do for love.

Lips are sealed...

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