6th pic post!

Yahnay of Coco Pearl tagged me in her 6th pic post,
and now I am left to do the same!

My 6th picture was from Coulson Macleod's Love Collection.
I love the artwork now, just as I did then.

The most exciting part of this honor is to pass it on!

The following lovely ladies are some of my favorites.
If you haven't already, please take the time to stop by their beautiful blogs!

Jamie at I Suwannee
Jennifer at MadeByGirl

Jamie of I Suwannee is the owner of Furbish Studio - only the most beautiful store on the planet! Her blog is not only filled with tons of inspiration, but also home of bookcase of the day!

I'm in love with everything MadeByGirl features. Not only does she have a beautiful blog, but her Etsy shop is simply amazing! I'm obsessed with her prints!

Although she doesn't know it, Kirsten at 6th St. Design School has introduced me to so many inspirational bloggers. Her blog features beautiful homes and tons of creative ideas. I find myself glued to her archives!

Three Men and a Lady features Michelle's family and her fabulous home. Each room she features surprises me and blows me away. She's thrifty, funky and oh, so creative!!

If you haven't been reading Rockstar Diaries, you must be living under a rock (and I mean that in the nicest way possible)! Featuring her bulldog Kingsley, Rockstar Diaries never ceases to amaze me with beautiful photography and the always cheery Happy Lists!

Last, but certainly not least, Everything Fabulous is just as it's title suggests, fabulous. Sasha's features are so charming, sweet and sophisticated. Always inspiring, and always fun, she's one of my daily reads!


  1. Great post... thanks for sharing! Have a fantastic Monday! xo Erica

  2. love those blogs...excellent photo! ;)

  3. Ohh Brittany thank you so much for your lovely words!! I am totally speechless!! love your 6th pic!! I am off to find mine...!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!!


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