Today, I had an 'aha! moment' (...thanks 'O') realizing that in my short stint stalking blogs, I've found dozens of monumental posts that have influenced me in one way or another. 

While my reference to Running Mommy was hugely inspiring; my very first  slap in the face, wow!, i'm not alone, this is exactly what i've needed to hear, everything just might end up alright moment happened while reading this.

(note: to any of my friends reading this post, just stop and go straight to that link.  my words are trash.  sassy is GOLD.)

Una LaMarche aka The Sassy Curmudgeon is totally and completely my soulmate in the bloggosphere.  Mainly in the creepy celebrity stalker way, 'cause she has not a clue in the world that I exist and I'm no where near her level of unnegotiable greatnes.  However, I'm convinced one day she will know of me and we will live happily ever after as blogger best friends.  And yes, I am completely aware of my delusion.

Not only do I compulsively read her perfectly witted scripture, I've gone back to her beginnings (told you - stalker).  I've read every post I can find and the verdict stands, AWESOME

I've always wanted to write in some capacity, and if I take a note or two from Una, I can't help but aspire to transform my own writings and ramblings into a hysterically addicting voice that I'm rediculously proud of, whether it be on this blog, professionally or in my personal life.  The cherry on top would simply come with the success of communicating myself to the world as effortlessly as she so perfectly does.

Seriously, check her out.


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