brittany and zach and the tale of the unfortunate swim trunk

Zach is a sucker for anything with dual purpose and utility pockets. Especially if its from Eddie Bauer. He'll even sacrifice style to acquire such rugged fashions. I think its cute and in all reality he can pull off pretty much its kind of fun to see what he finds.

This weekend, we decided to head to the mall to walk off our bacon filled brunch and somehow ended up at E.B.

To my surprise, the dressing room door was opened to a smiling boy, modeling this

If you can't tell by the picture, it is the chlorine resistant, fast drying, UV protecting Amphib Swim Short (duh).
  • an elastic waistband with adjustable belt
  • 4 front pockets
  • 3 back pockets
  • 1 hidden interior pocket
  • and a D-ring clip
And then he asked, "What do you think?!!" With a smile stuck on my face (while he explored all 8 pockets), I searched for the right response.
They weren't hideous. They weren't that bad, and I knew they would make him so happy all summer, but here's what went through my mind during those few crucial seconds while I was trying to determine my stance....
  • he's wearing the brain child of bear grylls, bob vila & martha stewart
  • chloronic intelligence?
  • the net must be really comfortable....made of something from the future....
  • 50 UV?
  • utility belt?
  • what exactly is the the interior pocket for?
I don't quite remember what I told him, but apparently my response did not enstill confidence in his choice of trunk.
Needless to say, we didn't end up taking them home, but we have been talking about Bob Vila quite frequently since....

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