weekend of champions!

While we didn't manage to conquer a 7 mile hike, or make it to church (yet again), Zach and I had a surprisingly productive rainy weekend!

Between Saturday and Sunday, Z and I seriously shaved down our ever growing to do lists:

REI for Kili supplies
Adopt a Haitian baby
Buy Spandex Shorts
Wal Mart
Take stuff to Storage Unit
Grocery Shopping
Watch the Jersey Shore Marathon
Clean Apartment
Pay off Credit Cards

Aside from the Wal Mart experience (you know, the chaos induced heart palpatations, buttcrack sightings and the dozens of candidates for Dr. Drew's next intervention), the most exciting cross off to date - PAYING OFF THE CREDIT CARDS!

The world is officially my oyster (yuck). I am free!

Equally exciting - the Reynolds men will be en route to tackle Mt. Kilimanjaro in exactly one week from today!!!

I'm thinking about ordering these shirts. Or what about I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and all I got was this stupid t-shirt! I'm afraid they'll be ill amused.


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