resolved issues - vol. 1

I have a huge issue with honking the horn while driving. Or had, a huge issue. It must have been something about becoming new driver in the midst of congested Orange County and the miserable, overachieving, overcommuted professionals that came along with it. To me, I relate the potent noise of a horn to the stuck up biotches of my 405 Fwy past and the gestures and looks that came along with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a great driver (many people will attest to this), but it takes years to become such an arrogant motorist such as myself.

The fact that this is what I was driving may have been part of the problem...

So, a few weeks ago, while on our way home for lunch, Zach and I got cut off. The kind where a completely brainless, slow driving minivan miraculously finds a turn lane where there most definitely is not one and cluelessly attempts manslaughter while speeding up to make a yellow light. I know, scary...

Now, I am used to this more than the typical driver because I live in a tourist city. The amount of underqualified drivers (see below) I see each day is astonishing. I've reached the point where I can spot a rented car from a mile away. Someone who is lost by the way they tap their brakes, and don't even get me started on my feelings about one-way streets and vacationers, they DO NOT and should not ever mix. Long story short, I'm seasoned in road rage, but I still refuse to honk my horn and this drives Zach absolutely crazy!

I mean, have you ever seen a cuter underqualified tourist driver?
I know my shit. I've been there.

Zach comes from the school of thought that argues - if you don't honk, these Ricky Bobbys will never know they were disobeying the rules of the road, and will perpetually continue to do so. Whereas, I'm stuck thinking - maybe they're having a bad day, maybe something happened, maybe they're not just idiots.

Anyway, somewhere between that day and now, I've become a queen at laying on the horn in defense of my safety. Probably my new favorite past time (only to those deserving of the punishment of course), and although I do still feel guilty every time I hear the shock of my horn, as an arrogant motorist, I think I've earned the right to do so. So, to those driving in the greater San Diego/Orange County areas - my apologies, but I've lost all patience for you potential disasters!!!

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