I have a sick love for TV, especially all things on Bravo.

If you have yet the pleasure of viewing Kell on Earth, slowly climb out from under your rock, turn your television to Bravo and get comfortable.  It is amazing!!!  It's drama, it's cut throat, it's pretty much the best thing you'll ever watch.  It's based on a team of coked out, twenty somethings, who work 22 hours a day without any sort of personal life, all on the brink of emotional breakdown to answer to the one and only Kelly Cutrone of Peoples Revolution, a New York based PR company.

(fyi - this is the cleanest I've seen the 3 of them look...ever)

Her entire staff is gaunt, overworked, glued to their computers/blackberries/iphones etc. and have mastered the entitled eye roll to all things sub-self serving. While they don't consume anything other than lattes on camera, off camera is clearly another party. Addictive I tell you! No pun.

Get it.

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