By the time anyone reads this, Zach will have reached the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro! The roof of Africa! Experiencing complete Euphoria (and lacking a substantial amount of oxygen)!

Like the over concerned (crazy) girlfriend I am, I've been following every step of the trip. I've known what to pack him, what he may forget, what their climb will be like each day, which camp they will be at each night and the weather that they should face. ...I've known (more or less) what they should be expecting.

So...Today at approximately 11pm their time (12noon our time), Zach, his Dad and his Brother set out for their summit attempt!

While I know that they will get past the exhaustion, they will fight the elements, and that they will eventually reach the summit, I've never been so sick to my stomach, excited, worried and PROUD in my entire life.

Now that I know that they are officially on their way down, and on their way home, my nausea has faded and all of my nerves have turned into excitement. The countdown has begun! 5 days (god willing)!!!!!!

Zach - I love you! I've never been so proud to be yours! Hurry home, this is for you!!!!

(No, I haven't gone completely mad, this is in fact one of his most favorite things about me. My run in place, poking dance is one few see, but all revere)

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