a LONG list

I wrote this a year ago, almost to the date. Funny how much has changed. Read if you dare.

(its ok, i know you're thinking it...)
1. If I could put Tapatio on anything, I would. And I can, so I do. I probably go through a bottle every week or two.

2. If I could do anything for the rest of my life it would be to write. I have far too much to learn and far too many opinions on everything I learn to keep it inside. I express myself best through longwinded, descriptive, sarcastic rants (if you’re reading this, you’re already aware).

3. My biggest fear is love. If you know me, you know I run away from it every time…but its only because I’m waiting for someone who won’t let me run- cause then I’ll know its real.

4. My parents have been in love for almost 30 years, IN LOVE. I’m jealous and disgusted every time I’m around them. I think it makes me a better person…

5. I am one huge contradiction. I’m always happy, yet always sad. Always hyper, always exhausted. Always in love, always heartbroken….I embrace it.

6. If it were up to me, I’d go to school for a living. I’ve never been happier than in one of Dr. Katherine Brown’s classes. The experience she gives you has to be better than any euphoria on the planet. It’s indescribable.

7. You will never meet a more indecisive, gold loving, procrastinator in the world!!!

8. I live for unplanned adventures. They usually include walking semi-long distances, cab driver interviews, brunch, possibly a beach, pedicures, a neighbor, an unknown destination, some artsy photography and a handful of amazing people along the way.

9. I’ve been writing a book for about three years that no one will ever read. It is my masterpiece, my obsession, my one true love.

10. I believe in the law of attraction like I believe in air. I truly believe you can achieve, attract, bring yourself anything you desire. Most people just aren’t ready to take this kind of control of their lives. I’m finally trying to…

11. I am extremely fascinated, perplexed and critical of the future.

12. I have an opinion about everything and my stance is rarely something you would expect from me.

13. It is my dream to sell everything I own and to travel the world for as long as possible. I already have it all mapped out, but I fear that I would get to my first destination, burn my map and see where I end up. I’m just waiting for a companion. Any takers?

14. I have been told that I am amazingly in tune with the ability to receive the frequencies of whatever is going on in the world. It is because of this expanded understanding that I seem to feel everyone’s sadness, but am numb to my own.

15. From the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep, I’m constantly and consistently thinking and thinking and overanalyzing things and issues that you probably have no idea exist. This too, I’ve finally embraced.

16. I’m a chronic nick namer. If you are one of my friends, you have 1-10 nicknames all picked out for you by me. (Jestavo, Chimp, Goo, Baby Bird, Rackel Thomas, Neighbor, Julieangelo, MB, Dramastavo, Baby Gap, Matty Mo, Charmalarm, Rubalicious…need I go on)? It drives my mother nuts.

17. My Mom is the most gorgeous woman inside and out. The most amazing part, is that she has no idea the light she shines. I’m still convinced that my Dad can save the universe, and he truly could and has. My brother is the coolest, most talented motherfucker in the world, but he follows in my mom’s footsteps (he has no idea exactly how life changing his presence can be).

18. About a year ago my life changed forever from one phone call. In one conversation, I was faced with the reality that my life may never be quite how I had hoped. I haven’t been scared for one second since. It was truly humbling.

19. I’ve made a resolution not to give my opinion unless asked for. If you know me, you know this is difficult. It’s going pretty good so far…(clearly this was written in some distant past).

20. I wouldn’t wish heartbreak on anyone, but truly believe everyone should experience it for what you get in return.

21. I’ve had the same best friend for over a decade. We’ve been around the world and back. We fight and argue and bicker and laugh and love each other and break bones together. She has already picked out my husband. She knows all my secrets.

22. If you are ever bored for even a minute, let me know and I can give you at least 10 websites/videos/blogs/things to google that can and might change your life.

23. I have 15-20 books on hand that I need to finish. I’ve lost all my initiative, but somehow I managed to earn 2 Bachelors Degrees before I was 22. See…one huge contradiction.

24. I will happily cook you any meal, any day of the week.

25. On average I lose something every five minutes. Usually it’s just something silly like my phone, my keys, my glasses, or my card…but I’ve been known to travel far distances only to realize I forgot my i.d. or my sanity.

26. I have my own language and mental dictionary of “Brittany-isms.” If you are close to me you know terms like “inteleeeesting, birdie, boyritto, charmalarm, the nast, yellow?, and FAYCE” very well…if you don’t, you probably think I’m crazy (possibly because I am).

27. I am so grateful for all that I have been given. I have been exposed to so many experiences, learned so many lessons and have spent time with so many life altering people; that I consider myself lucky beyond words.

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  1. this is the best thing i have ever read!! unreal! i totally get everything you said!


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