january in review

I love doing these month in review posts. It's a nice way to look back and reflect on all that was accomplished, ate, drank and seen.  This month was no different, we kicked off the year with a New Years day family celebration (with obligatory homemade nachos).  From there, I set off to NYC just in time to experience the Polar Vortex.  It was a week full of work, time with old friends, a life changing Soul Cycle experience and flight delays upon flight delays (thank the lord for pedicures at the gate!).  These last few weeks have been low key but productive. It's been sunny here (in the 80s!), I've been catching up on work, blog-keeping, laundry, appointments and spending time with a few old friends. This month Zach finished school and became a certified EMT.  He starts the Fire Academy in February and from there our life will get pretty hectic, so it's been nice to have a few weeks of down time. I'm rejuvenated and so motivated going into February - it's not every month I can say that. Here's to a great month ahead!

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