friday favorites

Happy Friday my friends! We don't have a plan for the weekend or a care in the world.  I'm convinced it might just be the best feeling ever! Heading to the dreaded gym, running a few errands this morning, have an afternoon meeting and then will be quickly be slipping right into weekend mode.  I wish you a care free Friday and a relaxing weekend!

Here are my favorite finds this week:
  1. Did you see Amber of Amber Interior's home tour on Style Me Pretty? I've loved her cloud prints for so long, I'm convinced they're the perfect accent for any room.
  2. Have my eye on mixed media jackets for fall.  Lusting after this, this and this!
  3. All my favorite foods in one bowl, score!
  4. A sobering reminder, that Beyonce does everything better.
  5. Might have to taste test a few of these Yellow Tomato Bloody Mary's this weekend.
  6. Don't forget about the Interwoven discount (15% off!) available through Tuesday!  Check out the shop here!
  7. A much needed reminder this week.  No matter what life throws at you, just don't stop

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