friday favorites

I've been anxiously awaiting the weekend all week.  This stay-at-home thing is really hard, I am conflicted with gratitude for the opportunity to have some time to explore my future yet itching to get started on the next project.  My amazing husband insists I first master "il bel far niente," the beauty of doing nothing, before I dive head first into a new adventure. It's harder than it sounds.

So, in an effort to achieve the contentment that comes with doing absolutely nothing, I've pinned a few favorites this week:
  1. A Ricotta Crostini Party anyone would love.
  2. Our new happy hour go-to: Cremini, Brie & Honey Quesadilla.
  3. Malachite roman shades (for reals!) and everything else you need to know about drapery.
  4. A constant reminder.
  5. A sexy outdoor shower.

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