friday favorites

This week's Friday Favorites manifests the transition between summer and fall.  With the last weekend of summer upon us, I'm itching for fall colors, cooler weather and the change that only fall can bring.  We'll be spending this last weekend of summer watching our first Notre Dame game of the season and heading down to the International Street fair to taste exotic foods, drink cheap beers and get our fill of people watching until next year (I can't wait!).  I hope you enjoy this long weekend doing whatever makes you joyful!

Here's my transitional inspiration:
  1. A Moroccan wedding blanket clad guest room
  2. Fig and Melon Salad with Creamy Lemon Vinaigrette
  3. Love the multiple meanings fall gives this Just Be Cool print
  4. Go-to fall get-up
  5. A cozy (and fall friendly) outdoor patio
  6. Ombre Nails that would match any outfit

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