a new kind of ice cream sandwich

Feeling a bit homesick last week, I thought I'd try to re-create one of our favorite local desserts. The ice cream sandwich. Not just any ice cream sandwich, the best ice cream sandwich.  The type you crave all year long (no matter the season) and the type that brings you back to the restaurant time and time again.

Unable to feed that hunger - I thought I'd try to create my take, only a more healthy version to allow for ultimate indulging.

Using miniature dark chocolate chunk cookies, frozen greek yogurt and chopped pistachios, I was able to give us a little taste of home without any of the guilt of the real thing.  I'm sure you can figure out the rest.  Scoop, plop, sandwich, roll.

A new household favorite for sure.

*all ingredients were conveniently (and inexpensively) purchased from Trader Joes

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